NPAT Reading Challenge

Today we have launched our NPAT Reading Challenge 2022

“Reading takes you on an adventure!”

Welcome to this year’s NPAT Reading Challenge. We hope you enjoy exploring the NPAT Island of Reading and completing as many challenges as you can. Have fun!


The theme of this year’s challenge is Reading takes you on an adventure! Reading really can take you anywhere – to places, times and lives we can only imagine.  Where else can you travel through a wardrobe to a winter landscape of magical creatures, fall down a rabbit hole and eat tea with the Mad Hatter or go into the garden at midnight to travel back one hundred years? Where else can you be scooped from your bed by a friendly giant, have a tiger round for tea or go for a walk in the woods with a Gruffalo?

This year, we want you to travel around the NPAT Island of Reading, in any order you would like, to complete challenges and earn your NPAT Challenge Certificate.


  • Complete as many challenges on the NPAT Island of Reading as you can, in whatever order you would like. Each time you complete a challenge, you can colour in that location.
  • The number of challenges you complete will earn you a certificate:

10 Challenges: Bronze Certificate

15 Challenges: Silver Certificate

20 Challenges: Gold Certificate

  • How many challenges you complete affects how many points your school earns: 1 for Bronze, 3 for Silver and 5 for Gold!
  • Make sure you return your island to your teacher before the deadline!

But wait…that’s not all – this year you can also earn a CREATIVE certificate!

To become a Creative Reader you need to create your own reading-inspired island!

Your island could be focused around a book (Wimpy Kid Island), an author (Ahlberg Archipelago) or character (The Isle of Amelia Fang). How you share your island is also up to you: a piece of writing, a poem, a map, a model? It’s up to you!  As well as a certificate, all Platinum Readers will be entered into a competition to become famous and be featured in the NPAT Newsletter!


  • Return your completed NPAT Island of Reading to your teacher by Friday 29th April and you will receive an NPAT Reading Challenge certificate.
  • Your school will choose some winning entries to be entered in a prize draw to win a £10 book voucher.
  • The school with the highest number of points over all will be awarded the coveted NPAT Reading Challenge Trophy!

Don’t forget the deadline… you must have your challenge sheet in by Friday 29th April

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